The Parent’s Centre – Newham Bookshop

Newham BookshopNewham Bookshop has been running for thirty five years.

Founded to provide a source of books, education and play materials as part of the service of the fledgling Newham Parents’ Centre, it was for many years the entrance to the centre which had its offices and teaching rooms upstairs and alongside.

Over this time, the bookshop has established an important role in its own right. It provides students, teachers, parents and the whole community with the books they require, all with an efficient service in welcoming and friendly surroundings.

The bookshop’s stock covers a wide range of subjects, but tends to specialise in the literary and academic titles of particular interest to our customers. Half of the shop is dedicated to children’s books. Apart from education, it has excellent selections on social studies, politics, history, and counselling and self-help.

The Newham Bookshop’s reputation has spread across the whole of east London and even further afield.