Letterbox Library

Letterbox LibraryIn 1983, in a front room in Hackney, two like-minded single mums who were concerned about the children’s books available for their daughter,  set up a book club specialising in anti-sexist and multicultural children’s books. The first Letterbox Library catalogue had 16 books to choose from!

Over the years, Letterbox Library has grown, developed and flourished. We now have a permanent shop, a small office staff team, a wide group of volunteers, a vast range of book suppliers in the UK and overseas and over 300 titles listed. The can be found schools, nurseries, children’s centres, libraries, charities and homes throughout the UK.

Letterbox Library is committed to celebrating equality and diversity in the very best children’s books. It  believes that challenging stereotypes and discrimination should play a fundamental part in every child’s education and that we all, as adults, share a collective responsibility for making each and every child feel valued, regardless of their background or abilities.