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Akwaaba (Welcome)!

Operation Sankofa’s vision is to create opportunities for (black) doll designers, makers, manufacturers, distributors, collectors and consumers to meet for mutual exchange and benefit:  To provide a platform to access appealing, available and affordable black dolls here in the UK, and countries in Africa and the Caribbean.

The simple act of trying to find a doll that looked ‘just like me’ (a person of African descent with melanin rich, darker hued skin tones), has mushroomed into a task far more complex than I could ever have imagined.  In fact, it has set me off on a wondrous journey of seeking knowledge and resources with the help and support of individual members of family and friends, various voluntary organisations, charities  and commercial institutions willing to contribute in a positive way that will enhance our awareness of who we truly are – enriching all our lives.

It’s only when we seriously begin to question our purpose in life, or someone asks us who we are  that we start scrambling around looking for clues and some hard evidence to support our claim to knowing who we are.  It is only when you are comfortable in your own skin that you are able to achieve whatever your heart desires. You are then open to endless possibilities, resulting in a life that is happy and fulfilled!  Let’s start by giving our children appropriate resources for learning as they play!

So, once again, Akwaaba!

NB:  The word ‘Black’ used to describe People of African descent is acknowledged here as a popular term that has historical significance,  hence the reference to ‘black dolls’ and ‘Black People’.

Ama Gueye

 A girl like me

I believe in the ethos of learning from the past; of having no shame in going back to fetch what was left behind or to turn back and correct a mistake.  A glaring omission has been the lack of ‘dark hued’ dolls made available to most children of African descent – having kinky hair and melanin rich, darker skin tones!

The aim here is to help each of us appreciate the value of our heritage, and to take pride in our African contributions to humanity within the boundaries of our families or the various communities / societies which we inhabit – wherever we may find ourselves on this planet.