Below are some useful places to find books (and other resources) reflecting the cultural heritage of Children of African Descent.

BIS Publishing

Publishing house for books on African / Black themes including a series on ‘Black Scientists and Inventors in the UK. They also provide regular courses for African / Caribbean writers who want to self-publish successfully. There is an online bookshop for purchasing items and the following website for further details about their courses.

Debbie Garrett – Black Doll Collecting

Debbie Garrett’s interest in collecting black dolls commenced after the 1991 catalogue purchase of a ‘collectible’ porcelain doll intended as a gift for her daughter. After the doll’s arrival, the decision to keep the doll and to begin a collection ensued. Her avid interest in black-doll history prompted research on dolls made during and before… Read More »

Letterbox Library

In 1983, in a front room in Hackney, two like-minded single mums who were concerned about the children’s books available for their daughter,  set up a book club specialising in anti-sexist and multicultural children’s books. The first Letterbox Library catalogue had 16 books to choose from! Over the years, Letterbox Library has grown, developed and… Read More »

Per Ankh Books

PER ANKH, the house of life, was the ancient Egyptian name for schools and libraries where scribes prepared their hieroglyphic texts. The institution served to keep alive the memory of society, the accumulated knowledge of generations of scholars. From that store of information, creative artists and scientists were free to select the best values as… Read More »

The Parent’s Centre – Newham Bookshop

Newham Bookshop has been running for thirty five years. Founded to provide a source of books, education and play materials as part of the service of the fledgling Newham Parents’ Centre, it was for many years the entrance to the centre which had its offices and teaching rooms upstairs and alongside. Over this time, the bookshop… Read More »